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Mission and Vision

Adiar Fire's Mission:  

The Desire to Serve.

The Ability to Perform.

The Courage to Act.

These words appear repeatedly throughout our station.  They are the words we live by.  People are the foundation of any organization.  In a volunteer environment, the individual desire of our members to serve is what makes us work. Our commitment to on-going training ensures we have the ability to be ready for any emergency.  The combination of our desire and ability gives us the courage to act when the siren goes off and someone needs our help.

Vision – Value Statement

A dedicated group of volunteer professionals who serve the fire and rescue needs of our community with trained personnel, providing emergency response, promoting public education, and assisting the community with fire and life safety standards.

Each member adheres to a strong personal commitment to team support, volunteer spirit, and professionalism while handling each situation with courage, honesty, persona integrity, cooperation and compassion.

We will risk more to save a life.

We will risk less to save property.

We will risk nothing to save lives or property that are already lost.