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Recreational and Warming Fires

May contain: fireplace, indoors, fire, flame, bonfire, and tub

Recreational and warming fires are for the purpose of cooking and warming.

These fires are not regulated by the DEQ Daily burn advisory and only prohibited during a BURN BAN. The only cooking fires allowed during a BURN BAN are commercial gas fueled barbeques.  no charcoal or wood barbeques are allowed during a BURN BAN.

There are rules associated with recreational and warming fires that will be enforced by ARF&R.

Recreational fires must be in approved pits made of non-combustible materials no greater than 3 feet in diameter and a minimum of 3 feet from any other combustible material.  The pit must be 10 feet from all structures as measured by the roof overhang, a fence or vegetation.  The pile and flames shall be less than 2 feet in height. A flaming fire must be constantly attended and have an immediately available means to extinguish it such as a garden hose, fire extinguisher or shovel and sand.

Small amounts of paper may be used to start recreational fires. Once ignited, they are strictly clean wood or charcoal.  Scrap lumber, yard debris and  garbage are not allowed.

Recreational fires should not be built anytime or anyplace embers could escape.