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Public Protection Classification Program

This Insurance Service Office (ISO) is the primary provider of insurance underwriting information to the property insurance industry in the United States.  ISO collects data and assigns a public protection classification (PPC) rating of 1 – 10.  Class 1 represents the best possible public protection.

The formulas insurance companies use to calculate rates are complex and ever changing.  The amount a PPC score impacts your rates varies by insurer. But in general, a lower number equates to lower rates.

Within the diversity of our district, factors like a property’s distance from our stations  influence the rating. Our department's capabilities and the proximity of our mutual aid partners play a role as well.   Adair Fire evaluates all decisions in the best interest of improving the district’s ISO PPC rating with our available resources.


The green outline represents the Adair Rural Fire and Rescue district's boundaries.  The red/green/red line is the Benton County/Polk County line.  All properties located within the darker gray area within the green boundaries of our district are rated ISO PPC Class 3.


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